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MoringaCARE - Safeguarding the African Cyberspace

Photo by Salem Ochidi on Unsplash
Photo by Salem Ochidi on Unsplash

We also live here, within the communities we protect.

We are unified experts from all fields of cyber security. Stronger together and customer obsessed.

Incident Response and Recovery

lion in close up shot
lion in close up shot

Africa is all about BIG game, it is the resource basket of the world and presents some of the most rewarding investments anywhere now.

We aim at being Africa’s largest and most capable incident response team, dealing with ransomware, data leaks, hacking and nation state threats.

Thrive in a disrupted World

Protect and grow your business knowing you are backed by a team of dedicated cyber security experts with networks across the world.

We CARE, it is in our name

Left to themselves, things will always go from bad to worse - Murphy's Law No.2

Cyber threats are real, and everyone is at risk. It is not something that happens to others, it will happen to you.

The question is - would you be ready to get up and running despite an attack and are you in the hands of Africa's greatest force of Cyber security professionals?

Remember Murphy's Law? Everything that can go wrong will do so. However, when you are with us, we won't leave you hanging in the cold. We've got you in our safe hands.

We are in the front guard of vaccinating the African cyberspace to be resilient towards those who wish to do us harm.

We believe that if enough entities are protected, everyone benefits through herd immunity, the reason we are continuously promoting a culture of cybersecurity.

Having someone that is constantly looking at your network is a business imperative, an insurance against an eventuality that is given to happen without one! Cybercrime is not an issue of if but when, compromised systems are subject to attack and will be attacked.

Our Mission

At MorinGa CARE, we are your watchdog! We keep 24/7 watch over your network, providing you with proactive actionable intelligence on existential threats to your objectives and how to respond.

In-house, we have some of the best egg-heads available in Africa whose daily remit is to deliver on these duties. Through our affiliates and networks across the globe, we are well resourced to cope with the challenges of cross-border cybercrimes and kept abreast with the details of emerging threats in the cyber landscape and measures to mitigate these threats.

It is the strength of these network and know-how that we deploy to every assignment that we undertake so that you can deliver on your business goals knowing that we've got your back.

Be Immuned Against Cybercrime

woman using smartphone
woman using smartphone

Protecting the African Cyberspace

We are dedicated to safeguarding people, businesses, and the environment from threat actors. Join us in the fight against cyber threats and help create a secure digital ecosystem in Africa.

If you have been a victim of cybercrime or become aware of one, kindly join in the vanguard of keeping Africa safe by reporting. Click the button below

person using laptop computers
person using laptop computers

Our Approach to Cybersecurity

At MorinGaCARE, we are committed to safeguarding the African cyberspace by developing a strong culture of cybersecurity. Our approach focuses on taking proactive measures to keep threat actors at bay and ensuring the safety of individuals, organizations, and the environment.

By creating a network of protected entities, we aim to achieve a state of 'herd immunity' where everyone benefits from enhanced security.

What are you waiting for?

Won't you rather be in our safe hands while we take away the worries and stress of Cyber Security away from you? We will defend-in-depth your infrastructure and monitor to detect all intrusions timely, taking actions to combat emerging threats.

Assuring the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your Information is key in today's world as they are often critical part of your Intellectual Property. You are guaranteed this only when you are in our safe hands.

About MoringaCARE

MoringaCARE is a leading force in the fight against cyber threats. Our mission is to vaccinate the African cyberspace by promoting cybersecurity practices. By safeguarding entities, we ensure the collective benefit of a secure digital environment.

Protecting People, Businesses, and Critical Infrastructure